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Hold yer horses for now....
DIVINE will announce the
card & pattern for each game!

Click the card below. Mark the songs you hear, complete the special pattern, and win!

Having fun? Please remember your tips are her salary! 

305211113_782657432879811_5061235942122208438_n (1).jpg

 Please TIP this queen, TIP your bartenders,
and clean up yer mess when ya skedaddle! 

Meet the bearded lady...

Wild as a mink but sweet as soda pop, the backwoods bearded lady DIVINE is known for combining her experience in performing arts with a love of philanthropy, spectacle, and loads of tongue-in-cheek (and other places) humor. She has entertained crowds since 1993 and proudly boasts still being alive. Barely.

Currently DIVINE produces and hosts Beer Flight Drag Queen Bar CrawlSONG-O!Divine's Karaoke Kiki
Divine Intervention Game Show, Dine With Divas, Divine's Drag Cabaret, and Asheville Drag Brunch where all profits benefit local 501c3 organizations.

For bookings, a biscuit recipe, and more information visit Facebook or 

or call/text (828) 333-7247

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For SONG-O, Karaoke, parties, drag brunches, drag shows, emcee work, divorce litigations, baby christenings, weddings, funerals, unlicensed therapy, drag birth doula, and other bookings, contact DIVINE!

(828) 333-7247


Check out & ask about our other productions/events!

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