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Roxanne Davenport the world's first drag queen gameshow host (sorry BINGO queens, that's technically a board game).  She is a goofy upbeat drag queen who is a throwback to the 60's glam queens, and is a family-friendly country bumpkin type entertainer.  She has been performing since the early 90's and is a seasoned improvisational queen.  She has two degrees in theatre and a load of experience performing and producing theatre.  You'll love her :)

Roxanne Davenport was born in Avery County, North Carolina. The offspring of multi-millionaire "Big Daddy" Davenport, Roxanne has risen to the status of international model from the age of 16. While a high school student, Roxanne had to find work since her mother was only funding her hair products and a modest fast food stipend. Wanting to earn extra money for designer clothing, Roxanne looked to a part-time career as a pantyhose model, while her day job was being a student. Represented by Legg Management Roxanne made her modeling debut in the fashion magazine Glamwhore. Although they airbrushed a few pounds away (155), Roxanne's name and face got out there. The young beauty later made her debut on national television as host of the Miss Southwest Texas Eastern A&E State University Cosmetology, Hair, and Nails at Large Pageant. The high-end clothing and hose modeling connections paid off.  Roxanne has made her way to fashion runways around the world, strutting her stuff down the catwalks for designers such as Big Gurl, Maxx, LEG, and Thigh Guys.  Roxanne manages to stay in touch with her Avery County roots while traveling to fashion centers such as Paris, Milan, Celebration Florida, and London. She visits the High Country at least each year and still takes time to host shows to raise funds for non-profit organizations although her high-profile modeling career is very demanding.  Thankfully for Roxanne (and for her international fans), she had a strict mother that forced her to enter the world of the working to earn her own money -- or else we would never had laid eyes on this beauty as she blasts through the supermodel stratosphere.  


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